What is Taurus Sun Signs Horoscope?

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Taurus Sun Signs HoroscopeWhat is Taurus Sun Signs Horoscope

This is the second sign of the zodiac, the symbol of which is a bull. The rashi lord is VENUS amongst the seven planets in the sky. The persons ruled by this rashi or sign are of peaceful, courageous and busy in their own work natured. Mostly they do not become aggressive, but when once they become angry and aggressive they don’t leave the enemy till they don’t become satisfied. People governed by the rashi don’t open their mind easily to the others. They remain busy in their work like they don’t achieve their targets.


The people of this sign mostly join Govt. jobs, as well as business, financial institute, accounts, bankers property dealing, singer, actor, architect, jewellers and agents etc. These are full field in which they mostly have interest to do. They don’t like big risk.


Those people enjoy good health during their life. Sickness of troubled natured do not create any problem. Fever and influenza as well as nervous problems of simple nature may come in their life but their are of ensiles curable nature and not of chronic type.


Generally to say that the people of this sign are of hard working natured and they do put their full efforts to earning a livelihood. Their income source may also be more than one. They are not of a nature to spend the money unnecessarily. They may also get parental property.


The natives of this sign don’t like to marry a girl or boy become of the love at first sight. But they do marry after a deep thinking. They have the nature of a faithful life partners. The natives of this sign don’t like the divorce in ordinary way. The females are of the good friendship natured but one can not flirt them. They are fond of a neat and clean life partners with a good and well decorated house and best food for their health.

Lucky Stones Or Gems

Diamond, Emerald & Sphere may suit them best depending upon the position upon the position of the stars of their horoscope.

Lucky Colour

Off white, pink, green, blue & black, colours may suit them.

Lucky Days

Monday, Friday, Saturday & Wednesday.

Lucky Numbers

2, 9 and 7

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