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What are Free Numerology number 3 Readings ?

Numerology Number 3

What are Free Numerology number 3 Readings ?

Numerology Number 3 : This number is represented by the planet jupiter a symbol of morality, mercy, love & justice as well as religious matters normally the natives represented by this number are found to be lucky & they are confident about their own decisions. They want the law & order situation. They take a keen interest in sports & broad- mindedness is an other quality of this number. They like truth in all fields like love for nature, respect, religion, leadership etc. Usually they can enjoy all the comforts of life, because they are full of enthusiasm& manage to earn much money. They have much intellectual power& understand the world up to the sense and soul of it. All those born on 3,12,21,30 date of a month are governed by this number 3.

Health:- The people governed by this number generally suffer from chest & lungs this orders, throat& sudden fever, inpntheria, tuberculosis & the problems of asterial system etc. The peoples governed by this number also have much influence over the blood.

Finance:-These natives have a good quality& ability to earn the money for their livelihood & don’t far much of poverty. They earn enough to enjoy the all comforts of life. So they generally manage a good position in financial matters.

Occupation:- The natives, on the basic of their good quality to ménage & command may lead their to leadership in political field.They can hold the position of ministers, secretaries ,ambassadors, teacher& preacher of religious field, doctor, actor, advertiser banking & a leading public life.

Marriage:-The natives of this number generally want their wife’s of whom they feel proud, having good personality ,intelligence, manners full. Some timehaving fail to arrange such type of life partner they feel disappointment. The females of this number are the best co-partners to their husband in general life as well as in business matters. They are of best house keeping nature, having a die love & affection for children beside a good sense of sympathy.

Important Years:- 12, 2, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75 & 84 during which some important incedance may occur of any to good or bad sense what so ever it is.

Lucky Days:- Tuesday, Thursday& Friday.

Lucky Colour:- Yellow, purple, green, violet colours.

Lucky Gems:- Topaz, Amethyst( transparent) , Katehla.

Lucky No.:- 1,3,5,6,7,8,9 are in friendly numbers to this No. 3