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Shravan or Sawan Month, Importance, Fasting, Benefits & Remedies

Shravan or Sawan Month, Importance, Fasting, Benefits & Remedies

Shravan or Sawan arrives usually between July to August when the first droplet of rain touches the country. In Hinduism, Shravan is considered a highly auspicious month. The holy month is dedicated to the Lord of Lords Shiva, during which he confers special blessings onto his devotees. In India, the Shravan month is celebrated like a big festival.People celebrate it by different means such as observing fasts, offering milk to
Shivalinga, making pilgrimages, singing, dancing, cooking delicious meals, and so on.

Why Shravan month is pleasing to Lord Shiva?

As per a mythological tale, after the ocean churning, Lord Shiva swallowed the venom which is still present in his throat. This venom produces heat inside to calm which, there is a provision of offering cool water on the Shivalinga. Since Shravan is the season of frequent rain,which is pleasing to Lord Shiva; thus, the pleased Lord Showers exceptional blessings onto his children during his beloved month or season.

Shravan Month is Pleasing to Lord Shiva

Which Shravan day is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati?

Usually, all days of Shravan month are dedicated to Lord Shiva & Shakti, but the Mondays are especially devoted to Lord Shiva and Tuesdays to goddess Parvati. Devotees shall seek the special blessings of Shiv & Parvati on their respective days.

How to observe Sawan fasts?

Observing fast in Shravan is quite a common custom. People do fast on Mondays in the Shravan month to please Lord Shiva and to fulfil their specific wishes.

Ways to Observe Sawan Fasts

There are simple but proper rules of observing fast in Sawan:

  • Get up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Wear clean clothes; try to wear subtle colours on a fast day
  • Wear Rudraksha bead – if have.
  • Go to the Shiva temple, pour water mixed with milk on the Shivalinga, offer Bail Leaves, flowers, and other articles with full devotion. Establishing and worshipping a “Parad Shivling” in Shravan has special significance.
  • Offer Sindhur to goddess Parvati.
  • Show Dhup & Deep to the Shivalinga.
  • Recite any Shiva Mantra or Strotam
  • Take blessings of Shiva & Shakti
  • Do not lie, abuse or show anger on that day
  • Prefer to donate as much as you can
  • Try to do nice things for people
  • Shun the food and survive on liquids like milk, tea & juice and fruits
  • Stay positive and think of nice things
  • Keep reciting any Shiva Mantra or the universal Mantra “Om”.
  • Repeat the same course on the following Monday
  • You can also offer Rudraksha on Shivalinga on any day or the last day of Shravan

How Shravan is celebrated by females?

In India, females, especially married girls celebrate Shravan as a tradition. During this month, married females visit their parents’ house, shop dresses & things of beauty, apply henna on their hands, and take swings. They also show their excitement at this festival by way of singing & dancing. Celebrating Shravan month like this by females is a way of paying tribute to the goddess Parvati – the symbol of a married woman.

Shravan Celebrates by Females

What is the importance of Shravan Month?

Basically, Shravan is the month when divine positive energies flow all over. Tantriks also make the most of the Shravan time to gain different & critical Sidhis. This is the highly auspicious time when abundant positive energy can be invoked and accumulated. Any remedy or rites performed during Shravan yields the desired results.

Shravan and remedies recommends performing & wearing remedies during this highly charged time. It is believed that anything performed in this month yields rather auspicious results. People can charge & activate different Yantras, gemstones, bracelets& Rudrakshas themselves by reciting respective Mantras and performing due rites.

What is the Use of Rudraksha in Shravan Month?

Since Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva, this month is highly auspicious for charging, establishing and wearing a Rudraksha – the sacred bead and an epitome of Lord Shiva. It manifolds the power of Rudraksha, thus, the results obtained by it. Wearing or worshipping Rudraksha during the time of Sawan is the ultimate way to please Lord Shiva, whereby the Lord Showers exceptional blessings onto the person and removes all problems & sorrows.

Charge Rudraksha in Sawan

How to charge Rudraksha in Sawan?

Here are some ways to charge & activate Rudraksha during the self-efficient month of Sawan:

  • Buy the original Rudraksha from a trusted source
  • On a Monday, take it to the Shiva temple
  • Offer water and other articles to the Shivalinga with devotion
  • Touch the Rudraksha with the Shivalinga and pray to the Lord to bless the bead
  • Wear the Rudraksha with doubtless piety & faith
  • You can also establish the charged Rudraksha at home for overall prosperity

Which Rudraksha to wear in Shravan?

Generally, each Mukhi Rudraksha is equally auspicious to wear during the month of Shravan. However, the demand for two-Mukhi Rudraksha breaks the records! It contains combined blessings of Shiva & Shakti. 2-faced Rudraksha is purposefully worn by unmarried people to remove obstacles in marriage and to get married early with the desired partner. Married people also wear Do-Mukhi to strengthen their relationship and to get the boon of progeny.

Shravan month arrives with immense positivity and blessings in the air. Performing the apt remedies during this prime time manifolds the results and blesses the native with all the prosperity, luxuries, love, partner, success, health & wealth.

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