Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2025

Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2025

“Free Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2025″

In the beginning of the year Saturn would be in 9th house in Aquarius and Rahu would be in 10th in Pisces and on 29th March Saturn would move into 10th house in Pisces. On 30th May Rahu would move into Aquarius in 9th house. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in 12th house in Taurus and on 14th May it would move into Gemini in 1st house and after that it would enter into sign Cancer in 2nd house with rapid motion and then again it would move into Gemini sign in 1st house on 4th December.


Professionally you shall be getting mixed results in this year. You won’t be able to get very favorable results in your area of work because of the influence of transit of Jupiter in 12th house. Therefore, you shall have to struggle very hard for getting success in business. You are advised not to start any new venture rather try to work for the progress of your old established business only. Those doing job are likely to get transferred.

The time period would be more favorable after May. The combined impact of transit of Jupiter and Saturn on 7th house shall bring in gains from business and you would be getting the cooperation, guidance and assistance of experienced people. Your new business related ideas would prove beneficial for the progress of your business.

Wealth, Property

In business you will be getting mixed results. In the beginning of the year you won’t be getting good business and you have to put in lot of efforts therefore don’t start any new business and continue striving for the stability of your old business only.

After 14th May there would be improvement in business certainly and you can expect substantial financial gains. You would be getting cooperation of senior officers and experienced people. New business ideas shall prove profitable.

House, Family and Society

It would be a favorable year for domestic happiness and harmony among family members as a result of which family atmosphere would not get spoiled but after 29th March there would be tensions because of deterioration of health of parents.

After the transit of Jupiter there would be possibility of getting good news like child birth or marriage of your elder child. The double transit impact on house of marriage is giving indications of improvement of your relations with your spouse.


The beginning of the year appears to be average for children and you might remain worried regarding their health however after May the favorable transit of Jupiter would bring in good luck for your children. Educational success is indicated.

Newly married couples can plan to conceive. The time period is favorable for second child. If he is of marriageable age then it is auspicious Muhurat for it.


It won’t be an auspicious year for your health. The 12th house Jupiter shall create ups and downs in your health. The patients of diabetes are advised to be more cautious. You might suffer from stomach related infections.

There shall be improvement in in health after May. For good health be disciplined in your food and daily schedule. You would prefer to have vegetarian food always.

Career and Competition

The beginning of the year shall prove auspicious for your success in competitive examinations because of transit impact. Those who are unemployed are likely to get employment in the beginning of the year.

After the month of May the time period is becoming more favorable for students. You will do very well educationally. Success in higher education is also indicated. The time period is favorable for technical education and professional education.

Travel and Transfer

The beginning of the year is favorable. The 12th house Jupiter is indicating abroad travel so abroad journey is for sure.

After May you are likely to go on long as well as short journeys. Chances of especially religious journey are more.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

The beginning of the year is favorable for religious activities. You would be spending on charity, food to beggars, and regular puja etc after May. You would be respecting Gurus and seniors.

  1. Take the blessings of parents, saints and seniors by serving them.
  2. Distribute bananas and sweets in temple and religious places.
  3. Offer Durva to lord Ganapati on Wednesday.

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