Dhanvantari Poojas

Dhanvantari Poojas

 Dhanvantari Poojas

Divinity of Dhanavantari

Dhanvantari is believed to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. His name is mentioned in the puranas and Vedas, as the physician of devas and he is considered as the God of Ayurvedic medicine. Hindus pray to Lord Dhanvantari for seeking good health.

The legend of Lord Dhanvantari

Lord Dhanvantari is depicted as Lord Vishnu who has four hands and holds medical herbs in one hand and a pot containing nectar or amrita in the other hand. He holds jalooka or a leech in the other hand and a pitcher or kamandalu in the fourth hand. Leeches are used in Indian Ayurveda for cleansing blood. According to the puranas, Lord Dhanvantari emerged from the Sagar Manthan, Ocean of Milk, holding a pot of amrit, when devas and asuras churned the Ocean of Milk. This pot was snatched from him by the demons and later Lord Vishnu had to take the avatar of Mohini to bring it back to the devas.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, Dhanvantari is also known as Divodasa and Kasiraja. It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari destroys all sufferings just by remembering his name, “smritamaatra aartinaasanah”.

Lord Dhanvantari is known to cure all ailments. He is believed to burn away all the diseases like how fire engulfs forests. He is usually seen in bright yellow clothes.

Kumbh Mela and Dhanvantari

After Dhanvantari emerged from the ocean holding a pot of nectar, demons tried to snatch the pot. In a fierce battle that followed between demons and Gods, a few drops of nectar fell on earth in four places, Allahabad, Haridvar, Ujjain and Nasik. These places are considered sacred. Kumbhmela is held every twelve years in each of the places. Lakhs of devotees take bath in the river which is believed to have the power of nectar or amrit .

Meaning of Dhanvantari

The word Dhanvantari has different meanings.

The word dhanus means desert in Vedas. Hence Dhanvantari who holds a pot of nectar in one of his hands is compared to how water is precious in a desert.

Another meaning of Dhanus is the science of surgery.

Birthday of Lord Dhanvantari

Every year practitioners of Ayurveda celebrate the birthday of Lord Dhanvantari on Dhana Trayodashi, or Dhanteras just two days ahead of Diwali, a festival of lights.

We perform Dhanvantari Homam for the benefit of our clients.


Dhanavantari Homam: Lord Dhanavantari is worshipped for seeking good health and it is mentioned in ancient scriptures. In this pooja, shodasopacharas are performed, recitation of sahasranamavali and purusha sooktam are done and japa of Lord Dhanavantari moolamantra japa is also performed. Homam is organized . one special feature of this homam is the offering of various Ayurvedic herbs in the homakunda.

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Depending on the number of Japa along with the homam, the price is fixed. Homam is done with a japa recitation ranging from 1008 recitations to 100,000 recitations.