The calabash is also known as Ho Lu, the calabash is shaped like a bottle gourd and is powerful symbol of good fortune as well as longevity. It symbolizes union of heaven and earth miniature. The upper half represents heaven and the lower half represents earth. In fact, wealth vases re also shaped like the calabash. It can be placed in and around home which shows that the house is blessed. It is mainly a cure for health related problems caused by flying star afflictions. It can be placed near the bed of a sick person.    

The Ho Lu/ Calabash are an excellent way to remove/ reduce the effects of the sickness star numeral ‘2’ in flying star FengShui. It is also used in pairs to have good results. The location of the Annual sickness star ‘2’ during a particular year in the following table

Position of annual flying star ‘2’
North east
South west
South  east

For eg: if the bedroom is in the south zone of the house, in year 2002 the annual flying star 2, which causes illness in your room. Hence to reduce the effect, you should place a pair of calabash near the bed through the year 2002. During the year 2003, the annual sickness star ‘2’ will be in north room of the house, and then the pair of the Ho Lu is shifted to that room. The use of Ho Lu as a cure for annual sickness star ‘2’ is only required whenever the annual sickness star ‘2’ comes to a sector of your house.

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