Lal Kitab Remedies

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Annual Remedies Starting from Birthday to Next Birthday.

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Lal Kitab is a storehouse of result-oriented remedies. Some call it a book of Tantra while some a magical book unearthing life secrets and solving life problems.

Red Book is an inspiring division of Astrology rich with numerous simple yet powerful remedies. Originally, Lal Kitab grounds Samudrika Shastra, and this superior book is the crux of astrology, palmistry & face reading.

The original writer of Lal Kitab is “Late Pandit Roop Chand Joshi”; who converted/wrote the original Lal Kitab register in the 19th century. The author & astrologer tried to explain the astrology logic in simple language for the use of the common man; further, many writers & practitioners launched different versions of the book as per their own experience & observation.

Remedies of Lal Kitab work like a sword if done in the right manner at the right time. This particular science of astrology gives importance to houses (Bhava) than signs. As per Lal Kitab, planets posited in different houses give both good and bad results depending upon the habits, character & Karmas of the native. Identifying the signs, appropriate remedies for the planets are performed to lessen the negative results and enhance the good results. Moreover, planets change houses every year on the birthday of the native and give results differently until the next birthday. Hence, remedies are performed in advance to ensure a happy, struggle-free & prosperous year.

In this particular report, we divide remedies in two parts:

  1. Lagna remedies: These remedies are suggested as per the planets posited in your Lagna Kundli. Without performing these base remedies, the expected results from the Varshafal Kundli are difficult to achieve.
  2. Varshafal remedies: These remedies are based on the planets posited in your Varshafal Kundli that change on every birthday and impact until the next birthday. Performing Varshafal remedies ensures a hassle-free and successful year ahead. recommends ordering Lal Kitab (annual remedies) report before the birthday of the native and surprising the year with the fortune & blessings of planets.


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