Vastu Shastra Consultancy for a new house or Office

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Vastu Shastra Consultancy for a new house or Office

  • Vastu Acharya Rahul Kaushl works on Office Vastu in Vedic way i.e. called “Vastu Corrections without demolition” or without breaking of Office etc. Vastu of Office is totally different from Vastu of house and very rare consultants know that.
  • In Office Vastu we Cover each possible aspect that is needed in growth of business and to refine the whole process as per 5 elements theory and Energy Chakra’s told in ancient temple architecture.
  • We’ll also cover staff sittings, accounts, directors sitting basically ideal locations for all your processes.

ALSO “Vastu Consultancy ” of 1 house i.e. of Key Person or decision Maker is included in it. without that office vastu cant be a success

Quick Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Many Visits are included in it ?

Ans: 1 visit is given and sufficient. We’ve to observe Negative Energy Fields of your office, Taking degrees, Checking necessary maramsthans (sensitive points) and later after appx 1 week we’ll send you an email with details on what to be done and you are free to call us any number of times on Pandit. Rahul Kaushl’s personal cellphone to get answers to your questions related to that report.

Ques: What all is included in report ?

Ans: Report will include ..

  • Vastu Remedies to be done
  • Relocation of Paintings or sculptures
  • Use of Metals or Wires to redirect of energies
  • Use of Paint or Enhancing techniques
  • Horoscopes Remedies of all family member
  • Signature Corrections of all Directors
  • Horoscopes Remedies of all Directors
  • Ideal Sitting area of Directors etc.
  • There are around 240 Points to be seen in office i.e. sitting, sale staff, accounts, marketing, sourcing etc.

Ques :What will be cost of Remedies that you’ll suggest and from where to buy them?

Ans: Remedies are simple metal strips , paints, God pictures i.e. the total cost of vastu correction remedies will not go beyond Rs. 5000-Rs8000 (for 1000 sqft house) and these are easily available in market

Ques : Seems promising to me .. BUT question is does vastu without demolition really work?

Ans: Yes offcourse these things work. If you wish we’ll also provide you Second Option with demolition free of cost.

After ordering wait for 5 working days and you’ll get call from us and we’ll finalise the dates with you

  • Site Visit is Subject to mutual agreement of dates.
  • After Payment you’ll get call from him in 5 working days to fix Time, date and location to meet