Vaastu Advice for Health

Vaastu Advice for Health

Vaastu Advice for HealthVaastu Advice for Health

Vaastu Shastra is a science that would help to solve major problems in your life provided you understand the important of basic things like colour and direction. Vaastu is all about creating a unique place of dwelling for human beings and God. The perfect place is where people can stay without any problems. Vaastu advice for health can be enjoyed provided you plan and devise your property basis Vaastu guidelines. You must be wondering that there are times when people cannot manage to overcome problems even after a great hardship. This happens in case your surroundings are filled with negative energies.

A house that would be constructed basis Vaastu guidelines will always be free of problems and can achieve the three Pā€™s of any life. They include peace, progress and prosperity. Everybody requires all three of this to maintain a great lifestyle. All three elements will also help you to enjoy wealth, harmony and good health. They will also help to curb some kind of unforeseen illnesses or problems. Every house will have some kind of dosh which can be easily curtailed or amended to a great extent. Sometimes inmates are so busy with life that they do not decode the reason for constant illness in the house. Certain constructions might have never followed the Vaastu guidelines and hence it should be observed that Vaastu Shastra can help in your health related matters as well. You must never sleep with your head facing the eastern or southern direction. You must also never sleep or sit under any kind of exposed beam. You must also face the northern or eastern direction while eating. Your kitchen should be built in the north-eastern direction to avoid health problems amongst women. This corner can also be considered for placing water resources. The south-west direction can be perfect for elders and their room. You must never keep any kind of electronic gadget close to you while resting or sleeping. You should ensure that there is no iron material beneath your pillow or bed at any point of time.

Growing bamboo plants in your house can be considered inauspicious. You should never expose mirrors in rooms and in case you do always cover it with some kind of cloth. Green colour objects can be placed towards the north-east direction. The kitchen and toilet should be at a considerable distance or inmates will face gastro or other stomach related problems. The space below staircases can be used to store goods but you cannot compensate this space for building another room or kitchen. The bed should be kept at a minimum of three feet away from all walls.

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