Vaastu Arrangement for Marriage

Vaastu Arrangement for Marriage

 Vaastu Arrangement for Marriage Vaastu Arrangement for Marriage

Vaastu Shastra or Vaastu grid is an important model or element basis which a house is set or planned. This also applies to other forms of temporary arrangements too. The site for any arrangement is always planned after a proper scanning and examination. Today most people would agree to incorporate Vaastu Shastra before beginning any project. It is a way of pleasing and inviting God to offer his blessings and making the entire area positive. Most builders always practice Vaastu Shastra and follow it to the core. You will come to know the best location and direction after asking an expert to consult on the same. Hence in case you are planning to construct a house or a temporary arrangement, you must get in touch with an architect with sound knowledge of Vaastu Shastra.

Marriage Halls are an integral part of every marriage ceremony. Most people prefer to build large halls rather than settling for auditoriums and pre-arranged buildings. The fun is to celebrate it with friends and family. Marriage is always an occasion that requires larger than life atmosphere. But marriages also need proper planning and designing. In order to enjoy compliments and a lavish affair, you must ask an expert who recommends or consults on Vaastu Shastra for marriage halls. Vaastu advice for marriage hall would also include understanding the kind of marriage and customs involved. Sometimes marriage halls do not earn revenue due to shortfall of business. In case you own a marriage hall and do not earn profit, you need to think again.

This hall must be planned for a successful future. The halls should predominantly have direction mentions in every hook and corner. The main stage should be positioned towards the Western zone. This way the couple could be facing east while sitting on the pandal. The ideal location for an entrance would be Northern or eastern zones. The plot or area of the marriage hall should be in a very normal shape and no experimentation of any kind would be appreciated. Vaatsu advice for marriage halls also covers positioning electrical equipments in the perfect place. These equipments must be directed towards the South-eastern direction. All kinds of cooking arrangement must be placed towards the South-eastern direction. Any kind of parking can always be done towards the North-western or South-eastern direction. The food and snack counter can be positioned at North-western or Northern zone. The seating arrangement for guests must be made at the Northern or South-western zones. The main mandap should be also arranged in the North-eastern direction. The most integral part is including additional toilets to maintain hygiene. There must be ample supply of water. These toilets must be planned towards the western or North-western direction. The staircase if any should be planned towards the western, Southern or South-western zones.

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