What is Numerology ?

What is Numerology ?

What is Numerology and how to Calculate Lucky Numbers?

What is Numerology ?

It is an occult science of numbers 1 to 9 represented by the a planet of the astrology which includes the star, planets &shadow planet : Accordingly the number represented by a particular lord planet has the qualities of that very planet. In numerology the data of a month is considered to be the lucky number i.e.1 to 9 and the resting number 10 to 31st date of amonth is calculated to a single digit number i.e. too examples 27th data is considered to be represented by number 9 i.e. 2+7=9; 16th data is considered to be represented by number 7 i.e. 1+6=7 and so on.

What are LuckyNumber or Important Number ?

 The second number is considered as an ‘Important number’ for the native. In this system full data of birth i.e. 16-12-1951 is counted & brought to a single digit , for example 1+6+1+2+1+9+5+1=26=8 again bringing to single digit . This is the number taken as important number for any important incidence to be happened in one’s life may be beneficial or bad what so ever but have some importance.

Which is the Best Number for Life ?

Among the above both number i.e. the lucky number and the important number, one should taken all his important decisions and action of love’s life under one’s lucky number. But the people whose lucky numbers are 4 or 8 they should try number 1 to 2; and 3 to 7 respectively as the number 4 and 8 is considered the numbers of delay & difficulties.

Does Change in Person’s Name also work  ?

Beside this under numerology the spellings of one’s name are changed to the lucky number, from the spellings of name at present leads to be the unlucky number, thus progress of life is achieved these after . The good results have already been enjoyed thooys this system by file stardom , big industries and businessman , by adding some move spelling or by starting the name of one’s product with a favourable lucky word . The “varsh phal “, “Mass-Pnal   “; &” DAINIK –Pnal “ are also available in the numerology with a particular method along with “Prashan –Pnal” under the pyramid system of this subject.

Is Number 7 lucky for all and so is 13 unlucky for all ?

The need is , of the deeper –study of the subject and practice thoroughly . As there is some number have its own special quality like 3. The three gods Brahma –Vishnu – Mahesu, Dharam –Artha –Kam and the triple philosophy or creation , formation and Destriction . Besides thus there is a custom to busy the dead body after three days of the death. Similarly is the number 7 which is considered a music number. There are seven saes; seven wonders of the world and seven heaven as well as seven days of a week . Where as number ‘’13th is considered as unlucky number.

How to predict Life Events with Numbers ?

Beside this numerical Horoscope is also available , to predict the life events , in this system . Where in repetition of a digit / number increase the qualities of that number and the number of centuary is ourmitted for example . The horoscope of the birth data will depend upon as 29-6-46 here this 19 number of centuary will have to quit and 29-6-1996 is not to be considered .

This horoscope is divided into 9 squares depaitting upon 9 planets:-

Upper three squares for Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu

Middle three squares for venus , sun and satrun

Lower three squares for moon ,mars and Rahu

There is further detailed system is available for its prediction values also.

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