5 Mukhi Rudraksh

Five Mukhi Rudraksha

A Rudraksha with 5 natural lines or mountains is called five Mukhi Rudraksha. The God associated with this Rudraksha is known as Lord Kalagni and Lord Shiva. It destroys all the bad and sins karmas of the past, making the mind peaceful and soul pure. The Rudraksha removes all harms of bad sins done in this and last birth. This is governed by Jupiter, that is why called Guru of all deities. It is said that wearing this protects the wearer from death that is caused by accidents. It helps in bringing peace to the mind and is used for meditation or Sadhana. The three faced Rudraksha brings enjoyment in life. One of the faces of five Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of fire, so it is believed to burn all the mistakes made by one in the past or his last birth. It also blesses people by giving them Fame, name and mental as well as emotional peace. In addition, it also provides peace of mind and keeps various diseases away. The people who wear this are always blessed by the Lord Shiva and are protected by him.

What are the benefits of wearing Five Mukhi Rudraksha?

The Five Mukhi Rudraksha is useful to regulate the body’s fat and blood pressure. It brings charm and well being in life of the wearer and makes his mind peaceful and life happy . The people who face problem of memory loss may wear it to remove the problem. Accidental death gets avoided by wearing it. People who want good health, spirituality and peace in mind may also wear this. Wearing this also improves relation with coworkers, relatives and friends. 

This also improves social life and big friends’ circle are created. The unmarried people who desire to get married and have an honest life partner are also asked to use it. It helps in enhancing one’s self esteem. The Five Mukhi Rudraksha removes all stress and offers complete peace of mind. When the effects of past karmas are removed, the negative energies around the one are also removed automatically. It is very helpful to patients of stomach ailments and other patients of diseases like mental disability, blood pressure, obesity, stress, diabetics, anger management, piles, neurotic, maladjustment problems and heart problems.

What is procedure of wearing Rudraksha?

It is considered good to wear the Rudraksha after it is soaked in unboiled water and milk, which sanctifies and energizes it. Then the paste of sandalwood is required to be applied on it. Mala is made by tying Rudraksha’s into a thread. This mala is then kept in pooja ghar along with flowers and is then worshipped.

It is worn in bhrama mahurat by most of the people. Monday is considered as the perfect day to wear as it is assumed as the day of Lord Shiva. “Om namah Shivay “ is the mantra that has to be chanted to wear this Mantra for about 108 times. A paste of sandalwood is prepared and applied on the mala. Along with Mantra “om namah Shivay “, Beeja mantra is also chanted while wearing it for 27 times.

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