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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope For July 2018

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope For July 2018

“Free Aquarius Monthly Horoscope For July 2018″

Aquarius Health Horoscope

This month, the protective influence of the Sun would not be enough to rid you of the chances of health afflictions. Your general susceptibility to sudden and acute illness though of short duration, could pose problems for you. This is especially true of any type of fever or inflammations, which could easily deteriorate to more serious afflictions like jaundice and heart trouble.

There is the further need for extreme caution during the process of recuperation. This might tend to be a slow and somewhat tedious process, during which there are chances of your condition deteriorating fast. Therefore, every precaution should be taken to obviate such a situation. This is particularly true this month, when the stars are not very favourably disposed towards your affairs.

Aquarius Finance Forecast

The ensuring month does not augur well for your financial prospects. Any litigation or dispute is bound to be decided against you. Therefore, you should strive to get the decision deferred to a later period. Dealings with government bodies or departments would also be fraught with problems of various kind.

There may even be losses. In fact, most of you would be unable, quite simply, to realize your planned gains. This would also apply to that small section amongst you, who are used to dealing with crooks of various descriptions. The climate would not be congenial for any investment or new ventures.

Aquarius Career and Profession Predictions

Nothing very advantageous for your career prospects in the combination of stars facing you this month. A posting out may not be very helpful. You should therefore scrutinize any such proposal very carefully. East is the beneficial direction. It is also favourable for travel for business purposes.

There is the further possibility of serious differences of opinion and even discord with your superiors. This should be avoided by patiently attempting to anticipate trouble areas, and steering clear off them. Politics at your place of work should also be firmly avoided. This could create complications for you, but with determined effort and a little skill you could avert any unpleasant situation.

Aquarius Education Horoscope

Your educational pursuits are unlikely to have much smooth sailing this month, since the stars are not very favourably inclined. Those studying in technical courses would find that merely normal effort with their textbooks would not help them very much. They should therefore, increase their efforts.

The artistically minded may also discover that perfection demands a great deal of practice and hard work. They must make the necessary effort, drawing on all their inner resources. Those sitting for competitive examinations should arrange for extra coaching.

Aquarius Travel Forecast

An excellent month to reap a rich harvest of gains from travel, since the stars are quite favourably inclined. Those of you who are used to taking the initiative could come up with extremely profitable travel plans to implement your business or job related schemes.

Most of the travel would be by rail or by road with a fair percentage by air. The most favourable direction would be east. Even foreign travel would prove to be extremely beneficial and those of you who get even half an opportunity should strain yourself to convert it into a full one.

Aquarius Family Prospects

Dame fortune is not in the mood to oblige you, and as such the coming month does not present a beneficial time for your family. There is a definite possibility that some of you would have serious differences with your father. This must be prevented, and you can do this by staying away from the trouble-spots and refusing to be provoked into any kind of confrontation.

Financially also, there may be quite a few difficulties ahead. Careful planning of expenses should go a long way in keeping you out of trouble. Do not be caught on the wrong foot and correctly anticipate possible expenses.

Aquarius Children Predictions

A month during which the affairs of your children are unlikely to proceed smoothly, since the stars are not too favourably placed. The performance of most of the wards of you people at studies would leave much to be desired. Those who are weak at studies would need a great deal of extra attention. Even the bright ones would not be able to do as well as usual.

Students of services, engineering, and medicine would be particularly effected by a set of adverse circumstances. Further, there is the possibility that some of them would develop serious tensions with their father.

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