Capricorn Yearly Horoscope For 2025

“Free Capricorn Yearly Horoscope For 2025″

In the beginning of the year Saturn would be in 2nd house in Aquarius and Rahu would be in 3rd in Pisces and on 29th March Saturn would move into 3rd house in Pisces. On 30th May Rahu would move into Aquarius in 2nd house. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in 5th house in Taurus and on 14th May it would move into Gemini in 6th house and after that it would enter into sign Cancer in 7th house with rapid motion and then again it would move into Gemini sign in 6th house on 5th December.


The beginning of this year would bring in average results for your work and you shall be facing some difficulties in the accomplishment of your tasks. You are advised not to start any new task, control your tongue and try to manage your old well established manner by working in a balanced manner and stay away from any risk taking situation.

After May the time period is not auspicious and at that time you shall have to enhance your confidence. There shall be situation of sudden difficulties. Those doing job would also face difficulty in job.

Wealth, Property

Financially it won’t be an excellent year because of ups and downs in business. You would fail to save money.

After May some sudden expenses would spoil the shape of your budget therefore you are advised not to take any type of risk. Abstain from taking/giving loan. Your money might get spent on curing somebody’s health problem. Avoid making any investment.

House, Family and Society

For family life this year would prove bring in mixed results. You won’t be able to give enough time to family members because of your busy schedule however; there shall be mutual cooperation among all family members.

The 5th house jupiter promises auspicious Muhurat for conceiving. You would be enjoying the cooperation of your siblings. After 29th March you shall be able to attain social reputation.


The time period is auspicious for the progress, education and happiness of children. He might get married if he is of marriageable age.

The latter half of the year won’t be favorable for your children. Their health and education might get affected however.


The beginning of the year shall be good for your health. You would be satisfied mentally. The first half of the year is favorable for enhancing immunity. You would develop positive thinking and perform everything in a positive manner. You shall prefer to have vegetarian food.

In the second half of the year you might suffer from trivial health troubles like breathlessness, infectious disease and stomach related troubles.

Career and Competition

This year is better for success in competitive examinations. The beginning of the year shall be auspicious for education. Those aspiring to get higher education shall be getting better opportunities.

In the latter half of the year the chances of success in competitive examination shall get reduced. In addition to that you shall have to wait for getting better opportunities of employment.

Travel and Transfer

This is going to be an average year for journeys. In the beginning of the year you are likely to go on short journeys. Throughout the year you will be going on short and long journeys frequently. The Jupiter’s influence shall result into long journeys and also pilgrimage. In nutshell all types of journeys are indicated.

After 14th May you might go abroad. The time period is equally auspicious for foreign education.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

You will be taking interest in Mantra chanting. You would get blessings of Guru to learn effective methods of meditation with Mantra.

  1. Chant Durga Kawacham and donate blue articles of use.
  2. Serve parents, Guru, Saints, and elders and get blessings.
  3. Donate banana and yellow sweets in a temple.
  4. Donate black blankets on Saturday.

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