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Switchwords Course

Online Switchwords Course – Learn Now

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Vastu Shastra Course

Vastu Shastra – Basic

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Marriage Matching Course

Online Marriage Matching Course

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We teach what we've used for our clients, Gyan is useless if not refined and tested as per current world Situations.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Very informative and spiritually enlightening. I learned so much more on how to provide accurate numerology readings for myself and others and I definitely feel more confident about putting myself out there to offer more insight into the lives of others.
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Deepak Sharma
From Dallas, USA
Nice presentation. Pt. Rahul explains basic topics of numerology in interesting way. I really enjoy passing this course and to hear Rahul Kaushl as a teacher. As for me course could be a little longer 😉
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Sammy Dutta
From Australia
I enjoyed this course very much. The modules were well put together and easy to follow. In addition, I made careful notes of my own to reference when needed. Generally, a great course!
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Jassi Pal
From NewZealand
Excellent course easy to follow and Rahul is an excellent teacher I have done a few of his courses and always found him to be very polite and enthusiastic in every course he produces.
pretty, fresh, happy
Neena Singh
From London, UK

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