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Griha Pravesh Puja

Griha Pravesh Puja

Bring the Pravesh or happiness in one’s life through Griha Pravesh Puja

Griha Pravesh PujaSignificance of Hindu Griha Pravesh:

Griha Pravesh is a well-known and renowned Indian ceremony that is performed by a family before they enter into a new house. In some instance this pooja is performed by people wishing re-enter the existing house after few renovations. The custom is performed on a fixed day based on the astrology chart. The main purpose of this ritual is to keep evil spirits and forces away from the newly constructed house.

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History behind the pooja:

The Pooja is performed by people before moving into their newly constructed house. This is an age old practice and has been in existence since the Vedic period. The meaning behind the pooja is to bring the Gods and the planets in to the newly constructed house and to please them to seek their blessings for the wellbeing of the family members. The pooja is also a thanks giving ceremony for the gods and the ancestors of the family for giving them a boonof a new house. The auspicious moment of conducting the pooja is fixed based on the Hindu Panchang calendar.

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Types of Griha Pravesh

There are three different types of pujas performed depending on the type of entry for the family members to their dwellings. Apoorva puja is performed for first entry in to a newly constructed house, Dwandwah puja is performed for new entry into a reconstructed and renovated house that has been damaged due to a calamity or age process. And Sapoorva puja denotes entry into a house after returning formsa foreign country.

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Advantages of the Pooja:

The term Griha Pravesh denotes wealth and prosperity. It also denotes good wealth and health for the children at home. The results of the puja would be very beneficial for the entire family members according to Hindu Mythology and it has to be done in auspicious months as denoted by the Panchang, else it would result in loss, fear, pain and trouble.

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Poojas performed at Griha Pravesh:


According to the Vedic tradition, a Navagrahahanti and a Vastushanti Homam are instituted. This yields the best remedy in removing malefic influences in the house. The Navagragha pooja is performed to please the planets along with recitals of Navagragha Sooktam and 108 namavalis of all the nine planets. This is coupled with the Vastu Shanti pooja with recitals of Sri Rudram and is followed by aHomam done with prescribed materials. This would keep all the negative forces from the planets from affecting the house and the various herbal ingredients added to the fire purify and cleanses the house. As the Homam is built, recitals of the Rakshoghna mantra and the Pavamana mantra are attempted.

Once the pooja is completed, a feast is arranged for the priest or the pundit for his services and to gain his blessings and well wishes. He may also perform other pujas such as Ganapathi Puja, Lakshmi puja and Satyanarayan Puja as a bundle. The guests for the functions should be treated with a feast.

Cost of Griha Pravesh pooja: Rs. 7500/-