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Mangala Dosha

Mangala Dosha

Mangala DoshaPoojas performed for Lord Karthikeya to eliminate problems related with Mars and Mangala Dosha:

Lord Karthikeya is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. The story behind the birth of Lord Karthikeya, is itself a separate console and is clearly stated in the Kumar Sambhavam.

Divine story behind the birth of Lord Karthikeya:

Sati, the other half and the wife of lord Shiva destroys herself at the place called Daksha Yagna. This place of her immortalisation has been destroyed by lord Shiva in the latter half of the history. Goddess Sati again was reborn as Parvathi, the daughter of Himalayan, the king of the Himalayas Mountains. Lord Shiva also withdrew himself from the entire universe and toimmerse in meditation in the Same Himalayan mountains.

When both these Gods were out of their form, Lord Surapadma emerged to be a bi evil power and tormented the people of the earth and also the Gods. No God was able to overpower them, and realised that the son of Lord Shiva and Shakti could alone destroy this demon and his companions. They plotted a plan with Lord kaama, man of desire to shoot an arrow of flowers towards lord Shiva, who was drenched in yogic meditation, to fall in love with Parvathi. But Lord Shiva opened his third eye and turned kaama into ashes. It is said that he again brought him back to life in a formless state, hearing the plea of his wife Rati.

Nevertheless, his meditation got disturbed and he fell in love with Parvathi as wished by other gods. But the Gods were fiery enough to leave the rest of the universe unbearable, and this fierceness was diverted to the SaraVana forest by the river Ganga, and Sara Vana Bhava was born there. He was reared by six karthika ladies, and was later converted into a single baby with six faces by Goddess Parvathi. This child led the army of the devas to rule over the demon king.

Significance of lord Shanmuka:

The Lord Karthikeya had six different names, owing to his six different faces, and is a person of perfection. He is indeed the war god and is the most fierce of all gods when it comes to war. He bestows his spiritual powers on people who praise him, especially the power of knowledge. He rules over the Mars, and is worshipped for problems related to the planet such as Kuja dosha and mangala dosha.


Poojas performed for Lord Karthikeya:

Karthikeya Pooja: This is a complete ritualistic pooja performed with 1008 namavalis of the God. The pooja could be performed for an individual with his personal sankalpa.

Cost: Rs 1500/-

Karthikeya Homam: Same as Karthikeya pooja with 1008 namavali valipadu and includes recitals of 1008 subramanya moola mantras while the Homa is performed with 108 moola mantras recitals. The pooja ends with poornahuti and mantras to please the god. The pooja could be performed either for an individual or a particular family or for a group of people as well, on a specific wish or sankalpa.

Cost: RS 5000/-