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What are Free Numerology number 1 Readings ?

Numerology Number 1

What are Free Numerology number 1 Readings ?

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Numerology Number 1 : The natives born on 1st , 10th , 19th& 28th of a month are aoverned by this number our the lord of which is ‘sun’ which is a symbol of energy and enthusiasm , originality and activity, Brave and Brilliant . The natives of the number have their liking in all the subjects and like the beautifulness in every thing . They have the changeable nature & never stay at our friendship . They have k… interest in occult sciences with a God gift of instuition . He is find of inventions and idealism . They are born with leading qualities and do not follow others. They have a good memory power & ability to mix with other . Normally they are successful in their lives due to their active nature as well as cheerful & happy mood.

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HEALTH:- The native governed by t.. No 1 normally enjoy a good healthy life. But they may suffer from weak eye sight & heart troubles life. Over exertion may also result into fever problem, sum -strokes as well as bone problems like fracture.

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FINANCE:- As regards to financial aspect of No 1 position. They are lucky in thisconnection . They by natural have their ability & capability to earn enough money to establish their position in life. In case they have not able to done so, their behaviour 7& status of personality will expose as if they are rich people . Due to over enthusiastic nature they may jump into gambling by they which they may have to bear loss of money to the expert of their activities.

Profession :- The native of this number do not stick to one profession or the job for a long space of time . They have a nature of change and here also they change the business etc after short time. Even through they may get success in jeweller, electrician , research job , interior decoration , salesman , advertisement , cinema & television industry , ambassador & foreign related business or import & export etc.

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Marriage:- The people governed by t… number always want that their life partner should be of equal enthusiasm and have love for beauty & well dressed companion at ho.. as well as the public also . But this happens very rare as a result they feel disappointment in their life. They want their family members should also do the whole of work according to them.

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The female natives of this No. Wants their husband to be a romantic & passionate nature who could full fill their physical requirements as well .They have the aristocratic nature & like to command & respect requirements in return.

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Important Years:- The important years of their life are 1,19, 28 ,37,46,55,64,73&82 who… some important happening be their . It may be positive or negative result carrier.


Lucky Gems:- Ruby, Emerald

Stones:- Moonstone.