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What is the Pisces Love Sign Compatibility with the 12 other signs of the zodiac in love and romance? Checkout: Attractive character traits • Best Possible Pisces love matches • The ideal compatibility can be found in the zodiac complete opposite of yours



PISCES AND ARIESA love match between the zodiac signs of Aries and Pisces is not one of the best ones. Sexually the teaming here is quite interesting but it cannot last a long time. However, if both of them manage to balance their dissimilarities and learn from each other, their relationship could go places. Pisces desire for closeness may also clash with the Aries need for space and freedom and lead to compatibility problems. Apart from this, their personality differences seem to complement each other. Aries desire to lead will be matched by Pisces wish to be led.



PISCES AND TAURUSThe Pisces is naturally sensitive and understanding and these qualities will appeal greatly to the Taurus. If what Pisces needs is stability and if what Taurus needs id someone who needs him or her, this can be among the best combinations. Sensually the relationship will flourish since both are extremely romantic and each is capable of fulfilling the other’s desires.



PISCES AND GEMINIInitially there is a very good chance that they will each be fascinated by the other but it’s no go in the long haul. Pisces has too much emotion and does need someone to provide emotional support and the Gemini is not an obvious candidate as he/she does not have the temperament to deal with these sort of issues because Gemini’s try to use discussion and logic as a solution to Pisces’ feelings of vulnerability. Thereafter, Gemini may go flitting off as a reaction to the Piscean’s demands for more understanding.



PISCES AND CANCERThe Pisces and the Cancer are both of a quite emotional and compassionate nature. The strong romantic nature of the Pisces will work well with the imaginative and creative Cancer and generate emotional sparks and sexual energy to last for a lifetime of bliss. Though the relationship would probably teeter between sexual exaltation and emotional storms still the emotional nature of both should be strong enough for both to take their chances in the long run.



PISCES AND LEOThere are a number of opposite qualities in a Leo and a Pisces signs. The interest of a Piscean is not limited to self like a Leo. On the other hand, the Leo is totally different and is hardly able to look beyond himself/ herself. This could end up being the odd couple.



PISCES AND VIRGOThe compatibility of the relationship between a Virgo and a Pisces is considered good by the older astrologers. But it can go both ways- good or bad. The Virgo is never ever ambiguous about anything in life whereas the Pisces is almost the opposite and lives in a dreamy world of his own. So, the perfectionism of a Virgo clashes with the chaotic life style of the Pisces leading to diminution in the relationship compatibility. In order to make this love match a success, lots of understanding and lots of harmonizing efforts are needed.



PISCES AND LIBRAThis pairing seems to be a good romantic risk. Both the individuals aspire for love, beauty, leisure, arts, accord, warmth, tenderness and passionate romance. Still this love match does not have very bright chances of compatibility as both of them are very sensitive and try to avoid any kind of arguments or aggressive behavior. So better to keep this pairing to the short term unless both are gamblers in love.



PISCES AND SCORPIOThe Scorpio and the Pisces share the same sensitive nature, which overflows with emotions and compassion. The only difference is that the Piscean easily shows what he/she feels but the Scorpion does not. Initially, it would be a great romance for a while but it could get tough especially for Pisces who needs lots of tender and emotional support rather than the constant intensity.



PISCES AND SAGITTARIUSThis would be an attraction of opposites, an extremely difficult connection and not one with the obvious long term prospects. The Sagittarius is not equipped to deal with the far more emotive Pisces and may come out as an unsympathetic or even aggressive partner, thereby; ending the relationship with Pisces feeling he or she had been left holding an empty bag emotionally.



PISCES AND CAPRICORNThe differences between a Capricorn and a Pisces are often more complementing than contrasting. If both of them manage to appreciate the differences between them, they can learn so much each other. The Fish can pass on his sensitivity to the Goat, who can teach him how to convert dreams into reality. Both of them desire security and commitment in a love relationship and will give it very gladly to the other.



PISCES AND AQUARIUSInitially there is every chance that the Aquarius and the Pisces will be very attracted to one another but ultimately this match can be depressing for both and Should be kept in the boundaries of the short romance. As soon as the novelty starts to wear off, the Aquarius will be looking to re-establish their freedom whereas the more sensitive Pisces will be desperate to keep the relationship close.


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