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icon2The Vedas were originated in India but by this time, the influence of Vedas in our lives has been accepted by the Westerners too. Numerous sages of ancient India have been able to create a solid foundation for our country in terms of culture and heritage and Vedas had strong role in building this foundation. In our lives, we face different types of problems and try to resolve them in different ways. We keep on trying and while doing so lose our valuable time and time and at the end comes back to square one. Our mental state becomes unstable and we lose interest in life. We perform Poojas of various Gods and Goddesses to get peace and mental strength. The idols of the God and Goddesses are kept and mantras are recited. They are offered sweets, fruits, and other things too.

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icon1Worshipping the super power has been done by the humans since the time immortal but the forms were different. Worshipping, offering prayers and other modes of showing our respect to God were in practice in India and different parts of the world. Pujas if done from the core of the heart help us to achieve high mental power and peace. Worshipping the God has got different purposes behind it. Some do it to offer their thanks and others do it to get ultimate peace. Some keep time for prayers in their daily routine while the others do it on occasions and forms also differ. The important thing behind any worship is- faith. You believe in what you do and you will have it. We can achieve the most impossible thing with strong faith and that is what we like to make our viewers aware of. Pujas help people to get rid of different types of problems in lives. Pujas bring prosperity in life of a person.

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icon1In Hindu scriptures like Vedas, Puranas and Upanishadas, different types of offerings or Pujas have been mentioned. Each one of them has got some particular purpose and is done in some particular way. Different Pujas are offered to a particular God or Gods. The older traditions of our societies used to be very helpful in keeping people close knit and people used to call priests or pundits to help them is performing these Pujas.