Taurus Love Sign Compatibility – Matches for Taurus

What is the Taurus Love Sign Compatibility? Taururians relation is very sensual & they’ve mastered the skill of love-making to the peak



TAURUS AND ARIESThere would be some good romps and they are quite likely to enjoy a very possessive and exciting time together in the beginning here but tears and shouting may well follow. Taurus is a very much more of a stay- at- home person and possessive and Aries is a person who gads about in search of pleasure and his flirtation may ultimately unnerve Taurus’ sense of the sacred hearthside.



TAURUS AND GEMINIThis relationship may not be the long lasting one. In terms of compatibility, the Taurus and Gemini have contrasting personality traits. The Gemini loves change and the Taurus will try to resist it. The rapidly changing nature of the Gemini will confuse and annoy the Taurus and they could find themselves heading in opposite directions. Further, their senses of timings are ill-matched. Taurus takes time as think time is on their side and Gemini uses it to change his or her mind too often.



TAURUS AND CANCERThis has the makings of a good combination. Taurus and Cancer crave security and stability and are capable of love and affection. Both the Taurus and the Cancer value the home and family greatly and keep well stocked kitchens. Their sex lives will only improve with the length of the relationship.



TAURUS AND LEOThese are not really compatible signs, but putting them together, it seems as a typical case of opposites attracts. It will be a matter of finding a life balance between the down-to-earth Taurus and the more spontaneous Leo. On the good side, Taureans are full of patience and staid whereas Leos are impulsive and stubborn. As far as passion and romance is concerned the Taurus and the Leo show great compatibility.



TAURUS AND VIRGOThe Taurus and the Virgo is a good match as the Virgo will be willing to co-operate and the Taurus will be offering rewards of being a good provider and a good partner. There are not a lot of negative aspects to this pairing but still the Virgos may need to restrain themselves from being excessively critical. Other areas of disagreement will be eating habits where Virgos are happier with less whereas Taureans want to feast often.



TAURUS AND LIBRAThe Taurus and the Libra may have an enjoyable and romantic first few meetings in the beginning but a permanent relationship would bring trials to both. On the one hand, the Taurus is possessive while the Libra is flirtatious. Libra’s excessive vitality and flirty nature could start to irritate the Taurus and make them feel insecure and eventually that Taurean patience with the Libran social groupiness may turn into temperamental outbursts. As the Libra will need to retain some freedom in the relationship he/she may lose patience and feel restricted by Taurus’ possessiveness.



TAURUS AND SCORPIOThe Taurus Scorpio compatibility match will be fired by sensuality, excitement and delicious dangers. Some of their personality traits are contrasting in nature. Scorpio is short on patience where Taurus is long. Both can be very possessive with the Scorpio quite prone to jealousy. Their contrasting traits may work positively and keep the two together but it could go otherwise also. On the plus side, both are capable of being extremely devoted and loyal.



TAURUS AND SAGITTARIUSTaurus and Sagittarius share some common qualities and some completely contrasting personality traits. Although both the signs are money and sex oriented, this is not the best of the matches. Taurus’ possessiveness can be transmuted to jealousy by the frequently changing and too much adventure-seeking personality of the Archer. They will have to appreciate each other’s tastes, trying to acquire some of them and not interfering with the rest. Taurus will have to learn to give Sagittarius some space and the latter will have to try to control his fidgety and carefree nature somewhat. The recklessness of the Archer, if balanced by the practicality and wisdom of the Bull, can really make this relationship work. This zodiac match can work pretty easily if both of them try to complement, rather than try to change each other.



TAURUS AND CAPRICORNThe Taurus and the Capricorn are both passionate by nature. It is an excellent match for those in their later years. The Taurus is capable of romance and passion but Capricorn’s sexual appetite may not be sufficient for sensual Taurus until maturity in the later years. Nonetheless, pleasure loving Taurus and stable Capricorn represent a good balance. Some of their personality traits’ being common, they both think that time is on their side understand practical and material values and prefer the very best. With a little work, the pairing has very fine prospects for a long and loving relationship.



TAURUS AND AQUARIUSBoth Taurus and Aquarius are stubborn and rigid. This can be an unbelievable sensual combination but that will be for short term only, it is problematic in the long run. For a short lived sensual partnership this is the match to look for as the Taurus are known to be much more physical and if they find their partner willing, could greatly enhance the level of passion in their lives. But do not, under any circumstances, opt for marrying as the match can become the most gruesome.



TAURUS AND PISCESThe Pisces is naturally sensitive and understanding and these qualities will appeal greatly to the Taurus. If what Pisces needs is stability and if what Taurus needs id someone who needs him or her, this can be among the best combinations. Sensually the relationship will flourish since both are extremely romantic and each is capable of fulfilling the other’s desires.


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