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Batuk Bhairon Yantra

What is Batuk Bhairon Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

Batuk Bhairon YantraWhat is Batuk Bhairon Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

icon3Batuk bhairon yantra is a symbol of Lord Bhairav also known as Lord Bhairon. Lord Bhairav is an avatar of Lord Shiva. People worship Lord Bhairon to achieve victory over their enemies, attain all material comforts in their life and be successful in all their tasks. It is believed that Lord Bhairav guards the temple of Lord Shiva and hence another name for Lord Bhairon is “Kotwal”. Batuk Bhairav is among the most worshipped forms of Lord Bhairon. The yantra is also effective to cut down the trials caused by the malign position of Rahu.The user of this yantra will be blessed with happy family, money, successfulness and all the unexpected troubles will be resolved. Batuk bhairon yantra also eliminates all the effects of black magic from the user and his family. Some people also use this yantra for protection against ghosts, spirits and malign forces. All the desires and wishes of the possessor will be fulfilled and he will be bestowed with happiness. One of the reasons for using this yantra is to improve the worse living conditions.

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icon1What is Geometry of Batuk Bhairon Yantra ?

Batuk bhairon yantra is available in many different forms. This yantra is available in copper and in different sizes like 3’x3’ and 4’x4’. It is also made on an ashtadhatu plate and is an ideal creation. It is also made on a bhojpatra is available in a laminated form for a long life. Embossing the yantra on a bhojpatra is the most traditional way and it is believed that such yantras are the best among all. Lockets of the yantra are also available for wearing. They are generally made from silver and are a great way to stay blessed.

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icon1How to do Batuk Bhairon yantra Puja and remedy Process ?

Lord Bhairon can be pleased very easily by worshipping on a daily basis. There are different food offerings for each day of the week. The things that remain the same everyday are jalebis (it a pretzel shaped sweet made from powdered milk and sugar), apples, gram and toasted papadums. The following is the list according to the week days:

  • Sunday: Rice made from milk and not in water.
  • Monday: Sweetballs prepared from milk.
  • Tuesday: Ghee and Ghud (Date sugar).
  • Wednesday: Sugar and milk curds.
  • Thursday: Besan Ladoos.      
  • Friday: toasted gram flour (it should be made from chick peas or garbanzo beans)
  • Saturday: Urad dal pakodas.
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There are certain guidelines that must be taken care of while placing the Batuk bhairon yantra:

  • First and foremost purify the mind and body prior to placing the yantra.
  • The yantra must be placed on the floor at a spot facing the west where you find no disturbance.
  • A lamp or diya containing mustard oil must be lighted.
  • Then lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the Lord’s Table.
  • Now put the yantra along with a picture of the lord whom the yantra symbolizes.
  • Sprinkle water from any leaf on yourself and then on the yantra.
  • Close eyes and concentrate on the deity to bless you and fulfill all your desires in your own language.

What is mantra for Batuk Bhairon Yantra ?

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The mantra associated with the Batuk bhairon yantra is:

“Om Hareeng Butkaya Aapduddhar anay kuru kuru Batukaya Hareeng”

This mantra is to be recited 1000 times daily for 21 days. This mantra helps in getting relief from poverty and protecting one self.