Why Date of Birth Does Not Produce Results?

Are you unable to receive good results of your birthdate?

If yes, then you are not alone one!

Several people out there do not live the life promised by their Driver &Conductor Numbers. In this situation, they begin to criticize their Karmas, rather than exploring the reason behind.

Why does this happen? Why people don’t get results despite having the support of good Driver & Conductor Numbers?

Well, Numerology has the answer!

This happens when the Name Number is incompatible to the Date of Birth.


The date of birth alone is unable to produce desired results; it always needs a compatible name number. In the wake of checking potentials & weaknesses of our birth numbers, we often overlook the Name Number which is the actual support system of our Birth Date.

In Numerology, the Birthdate & Name work simultaneously to provide the native with the desired strength, results & life. When results vary from the date of birth, we used to check name compatibility. In about 95% of cases of opposite or unwanted results, name numbers will be incompatible to the date of birth.

What are the results of an incompatible Name Number?


Our numerology students will get it easily; however, there are certain results – as given in our professional numerology coursebook – promised by each Driver &Conductor conjunction. Those promised results are only received when a compatible name number is backing the date of birth, not otherwise.

However, sometimes the results of Driver & Conductor numbers are also inauspicious, but in that case, an incompatible name number escalates the negative results, where a compatible name number works as a neutralizer.

How to synch name with the date of birth?


Name number synchronization is the only solution to make your Driver & conductor Numbers yield results. The Trichakra system of numerology offers a sublime technique to achieve a lucky Name Number which is compatible with your birthdate as well as pregnant with added benefits. When your Driver & Conductor numbers receive the support of a good Name, things certainly begin to change for good.

Several people have experienced positive changes in life after synching their names to date of birth. Some Bollywood movies are easy/good examples of the numerology name change. It had been noticed that in the beginning, some movies faced problems in releasing, but when they made a tiny change in the movie’s name, it got released without any obstacle – so is the power of numerology Name Change!