Shri Surya Yantra

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Prevents failures, kills negativity, fills your surroundings with positivity, gains support & benefit from the government, establishes relationships with authoritative people, wins over enemies, makes personality charming, strong, powerful & appealing, and improves your social skills.

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Sun is the king planet and a source of light, energy, and life force. It energizes other planets; hence, the Sun must be favourable in one’s chart. One’s personality depends upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope. It is a Karka of courage, confidence, luck, health & success in all matters. To strengthen the Sun, people perform different remedies. Among all Sun remedies, Shri Surya Yantra is the simplest & easy remedy to strengthen the planet Sun. The Sun Yantra is a mighty & worthy Yantra, which receives maximum energy & blessings of the Sun then spreads the same in the lives of house residents.

Benefits of Shri Surya Yantra:
  • It exalts the planet Sun.
  • It activates/augments the energies of Number 1.
  • It compensates for the missing energies of Number 1.
  • It supports during the personal Year 1 or Sun Dasha.
  • It lessens the negative effects of the East direction and enhances its positive effects.
  • It ensures success in every endeavour – be it, education, job, business, love, relationships, or so.
  • It never lets you face failures.
  • It kills negativity and fills your surroundings with positivity.
  • It makes you enough confident & courageous.
  • It controls unnecessary anger and balances your personality.
  • It makes your personality charming, strong, powerful & appealing.
  • It makes you authoritative and a good team leader.
  • It prevents humiliation & gets you honour and recognition.
  • It helps you win over enemies.
  • It ensures success in legal matters.
  • It helps you build and improve relationships with authoritative people.
  • It improves relations with the father.
  • It improves your social skills and helps you make new friends & relations.
  • It helps you gain support & benefit from the government.
  • It escalates the chances of getting a government job or promotion.
  • It improves public relations and gets you success in politics.
  • It ensures success & growth in business & career.
  • It promotes health and keeps diseases away, especially diseases related to the heart & eyes.
How to establish Shri Surya Yantra:
  • Establish it at home, worship room, or office on a Sunday.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep & flowers.
  • Chant any Sun Mantra 11, 51 or 108 times.
  • View it every day.
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4 reviews for Shri Surya Yantra

  1. Nagesh Inginshetty

    Can I recite gayatri mantra in front of surya yantra

  2. Gaurav Mulki (verified owner)

    Is the Surya yantra in copper and Surya pyra yantra in silver same or it has some different benefits. Thank you.

  3. Yashika Singh

    Can I keep it in my school bag all the time ??……I am a college student ???

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can…

  4. chayyanikaa

    Please help I want to order Surya yantra and Saraswati yantra. May I keep it in bedroom study table or home temple ?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Keep it wherever you are comfortable.

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