Videsh Yatra Yog Kit

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Going abroad for settlement, study, business, or job is a great opportunity that a number of people want to grab. Some strong planetary placements take some people easily to the desired destination but some face a lot of obstacles in the matter of foreign settlement. What are these obstacles in going to foreign? Nothing but outcomes of weak planets or the blocked energies. Well, not to worry! The occult offers a solution to every problem; similarly, there are effective remedies for getting a foreign visa one of which is our Videsh Yatra Yog kit in which we have added different remedies that create and boost the chances of foreign settlement with easy visa grant.

Creation of Videsh Yatra Yog Kit:

This powerful kit includes:

  • A powerful “Rahu Yantra and Ketu Yantra”
  • An original “14-Mukhi Rudraksha”
  • A powerful “Black Banded Agate Bracelet”
  • A powerful “Tiger eye mala”
  • A precious “Hessonite gemstone”
  • An axiomatic “Trichakra Urja Yantra”
How to use Videsh Yatra Yog Kit?
  • Establish the Rahu & Ketu Yantra in the room or worship room.
  • Wear 14-Mukhi Rudraksha or keep it with you in any manner.
  • Wear a black banded agate bracelet or keep it with you in any manner.
  • Chant a mantra on tiger eye mala or you can wear it.
  • Wear hessonite gemstone mounted in silver or bell metal in the middle finger.
  • Keep the “Trichakra Urja Yantra” either at the home, office, bag, and pocket or in any form. It is a multipurpose Yantra that gives an added boost of energy and has healing effects.
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10 reviews for Videsh Yatra Yog Kit

  1. mahimamehra12.22

    Hello sir

    On your Instagram you said we have to wear 2 mukhi and 8 mukhi rudraksha for foreign travel?

    So I am confused could you plz tell me what should I puchrchae?

    Videsh yatra kit or 2&8 mukhi rudraksha..?

    Plz help

    I really want to go to foreign

  2. mahimamehra12.22

    Can Leo, cancer & capricon wear this hessionte gemstone & use Videsh Yatra kit ???
    please respond

  3. Rahul Kaushl

    Yes, we do have Santan Prapti Kit –

  4. Rahul Kaushl

    Yes, it can be worn by anybody. 8 mukhi is for rahu and for the same plaet, the kit includes Hessonite stone.

  5. srini2014

    How to use this kit ..Please mention sir ji…
    I need this kit but don’t know how to use.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      How to use this kit is mentioned on the product page itself. scroll down and read…

  6. Manjinder Arora (verified owner)

    I am actually benefitting from this kit sir. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Parminder Singh (verified owner)

    Kamal ki kit he sir ji,,I am a big fan of your videos.

  8. Pushpinder Gill (verified owner)

    Thanks for the lovely kit

  9. Khushdeep Kaur (verified owner)

    Quite beneficial kit, it removes obstacles. Thanks sir……………………

  10. Ranvir Singh Aulakh (verified owner)

    Thanks for introducing such a kit sir. Big Fan _/\_

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