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Helps lose weight, gives ideal body shape, brightens the skin, grows organs, maintains energy, improves dressing sense, develops inner beauty, makes you beautiful inside out, prevents ageing.

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What do you mean by divine beauty?

Divine beauty is flawless, turns heads, enchants everybody, and is rememberable. Fair complexion, pimple-free skin, sharp features, thick & silky hair, and ideal body shape are some dimensions of beauty.

Causes of flaws in beauty:

Here are some possible causes of flaws in beauty:

  • Genes
  • Weak Venus & Mercury
  • Malefic 1st and 2nd house
  • Medical conditions
  • Injuries/accidents
  • Skin conditions
  • Improper diet
  • Dehydration
  • Internal sadness
  • Stress & depression
  • Improper sleep
  • Negative energies
  • Unnecessary experiments on the body
Benefits of the Divine Beauty Bracelet:
  • It gives you the desired body shape; you can wear it with both weight loss and weight gain.
  • Enchanting beauty does not remain a pipe dream with this attractive bracelet.
  • If aged, it helps you get the youth back and helps you age like a fine wine.
  • For skin conditions, there is no better alternative medicine than the divine beauty bracelet.
  • By improving your appearance, it makes you feel confident, comfortable and accepted by the world.
  • The wearer of this enchanting bracelet receives the divine attraction and turns heads where he goes.
  • When you feel beautiful, you feel positive and attract positive vibes, profitable opportunities, and meaningful people in life.
  • Married ladies begin to lose beauty after a certain time due to domestic responsibilities. They crucially need a natural product like the divine beauty bracelet to keep feeling beautiful and youthful.
Who can wear the Divine Beauty Bracelet?

Anybody longing to look & called beautiful & attractive can wear it. Alongside, people suffering from skin conditions, weight problems, and inferiority can make the most of it.

How to wear the Divine Beauty Bracelet?

Simply take it out of the packet and wear it.

Difference between Charged & Uncharged Bracelet:

Pandit.com offers you both charged & uncharged Divine Beauty Bracelet s which you can order as per your need and budget.

Charged bracelet reaches you after performing certain Puja, Chanting of respective Mantras, and giving intent to the bracelet which takes considerable time & energy. However, the charged bracelet begins to work faster than an uncharged bracelet.

On the other hand, we also offer uncharged bracelets on which no custom of Puja, Mantra or intent has been performed. It does not mean the uncharged bracelet does not work; it just takes some time to synchronize with your energies.

Personal views:

Wishful bracelets are superior & research-based remedies that are personally prepared by Pt. Rahul Kaushl. Stones in the wishful bracelets keep changing; therefore, it is hard to give information about the stones threaded in them.

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7 reviews for Divine Beauty Bracelet

  1. Muskan Rai

    Is this bracelet only going to work on beauty or other benefits of individual crystal will also be received?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Benefits of these bracelets are mentioned in product description section.

  2. suparna3107

    Rahul Sir,
    I have ordered Divine Beauty, Fear Relief & Wealth Maker. Can i wear all the 3 bracelets every day together?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Offcourse, you can.

  3. ritusinha1998

    I wanted to know that if we purchase this bracelet will get two free rudraksh. So, those rudraksh will also be charged or non-charged.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      They are sanctified one.

  4. sarthakjain2015cool

    Actually i’m wearing rose quartz and amethyst so can wear this one also????

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can wear them together.

  5. anshikapande10

    Can I wear it everyday for 24 hrs ?
    I’m wearing silver pearl bracelet on left hand can I wear with it or can I wear in other hand ?
    How long after till I see the visible result?

    • Shivani Yadav

      Yes, you can wear but while sleeping & bathing you have to avoid it.

  6. mishusarohi

    Sir mera date of birth 9 march 1995 hai konsa bracelet suit krega

  7. Rahul Kaushl

    You can wear it as long as you want.

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