Green Aventurine Tree of Life Pendant

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Grows knowledge & intellect, increases fortune, gets opportunities, makes shrewd, adds fun & entertainment to life, and helps receive unconditional love.

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What does the Green Aventurine Tree of Life pendant represent?

The symbol of the Green Aventurine pendant is a tree in a circle; it mainly represents three things:

  • The whole universe in the form of the cosmic tree
  • You as an inseparable & significant part of the universe
  • Your growth in the spiritual & material world while your roots connected to the earth at the same time
Which metal is used to make the Green Aventurine tree of life pendant?

This magical pendant is made up of original Green Aventurine stones stringed in the thin wires of alloy metal that is safe for the human skin.

What are the benefits of wearing a Green Aventurine tree of life pendant?
  • The green aventurine tree of life pendant is a much sought after remedy for students. Why? Because it enlarges the benefits of Mercury – the planet of intellect. This pendant makes you shrewd, rapid, creative, eloquent & intellectual like Mercury.
  • Why only students? The green aventurine pendant is insanely beneficial for businessmen. It attracts ample opportunities, fat profits, expansion, and record-breaking success.
  • It is a signification of fortune – with which – comes easy success in anything you endeavour. This pendant is supremely favouring for writers, journalists, agents, public speaking, radio jockey, or wherever self-expression counts as expertise.
  • People who remain austere and mundane can experience a surge of happiness with the green aventurine pendant. It adds thrill, humour & entertainment to life.
  • It communicates with the heart chakra and enables you to invoke/receive unconditional love in life. It also enlarges your friend circle.
  • This nursing pendant enhances the natural healing power of the body and speeds up recovery. Alongside, it acts as a guard for preventing diseases from catching you.
How to charge & wear the Green Aventurine tree of life pendant?

Follow the simple rule of charging the green aventurine tree of life pendant:

  • Wash it with simple water or chanted/holy water (if available).
  • Keep it under the morning sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Wear the pendant on an auspicious day.



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    Pandit ji I want to order green aventurine. A little bit confusion about which one to buy like spiral pendant or pencil pendant or tree of life or bracelet . Please reply

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